Sunflower Seeds Nutrition

Sunflower seeds nutrition:
The humble sunflower seed is bursting with pleasant healthy surprises. Packed full of Vitamins and nutrients these small cheap and tasty kernels can be eaten raw, roasted or grilled, eaten on their own or added to meals breakfast cereals or salads. But this little nutty seed is not just versatile cheap and convenient, it’s also very good for you.

sunflower seeds nutrition

The health benefits of these tasty little seeds start to become more obvious when you see just what they contain. Vitamin-E used to give the body protection from cardiovascular disease, as well as choline which is believed to benefit cognition and memory. They are also a rich source of betaine, phenolic acids, lignans and arginine all of which offer an assortment of health benefits.

Sunflower seeds have been used to help lower cholesterol. Because they contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats they are little powerhouses in the battle against high cholesterol as well as a variety of heart diseases including blocked arteries. And Vitamin-E helps to flush the body of free radicals that cause LDL (bad Cholesterol) to adhere to the walls of the blood vessels which can lead to atherosclerosis (one of the chief cause of heart disease.) So why not pick up some sunflower seeds ? Nutrition is seldom so tasty.

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