The Most Popular Hiccups Remedy

Hiccups Remedy are useful even if they are unlikely to ever save a life. As far as I’m aware no one has ever died from hiccups, never the less they are quite annoying especially if you’re in company or a out at a nice restaurant. So it makes sense to have a few pointers up your sleeve for the next time. Some old cures have little basis in fact. In order to have any real effect it appears that you need to find a way to relax your diaphragm or to stimulate it. I’ve included quite a few hiccup remedies for you here but you will notice that I have not included any guarantee that they will work!

Lots of hiccups remedies involve ice or ice cold water. It is possible that this may relax the diaphragm in some way.

Place an ice pack on your chest for as long as you can stand it or until the hiccups pass.

Drink a litre of ice cold water by slowly sipping it over a few minutes. If it doesn’t work try another litre. Some people suggest holding your nose at the same time.

Chill a bottle of soda water and then try to down it in one go. (I’d have a bucket close by just in case the soda water makes an unexpected reappearance.)

A lot of people claim that eating a large spoon of peanut butter is an effective hiccups remedy, but I’m at pains to see why eating peanut butter would have any effect on your hiccups.

The same is often said of sugar. Slowly sucking a large spoon of sugar is said to help cure hiccups.

Another old favourite hiccups remedy is to hold your breath for as long as you can. This does at least exercise your diaphragm so there maybe something it this one. If you can try to predict when the next hiccup is due, try to be holding your breath just when it strikes. It might take a few attempts but it does seem to work.

An interesting one that keeps popping up is to gently press your thumbs against your eyeballs. (Yes with your eyes closed) Keep this up until you start to see those white spots. At this point you should slowly release the pressure on your eyes. Again I can see no reason why this would work but as I said, it’s one cure that refuses to go away. I’d be interested to know if you found it a good hiccups remedy?

Inducing a belch by swallowing a mouthful of air is popular (do you remember doing it in school?) but if you can do it by drinking a glass of cold water that’s all the better. You can achieve this by using two straws to drink the glass of water with, but one straw should be outside the glass so that it is sucking in just air.

I like this one if only for the mental image. Fill a glass of water (you will need a straw too) Now while pressing your thumbs over your ears tightly at the same time use your little fingers to hold your nose closed. Now drink the glass of water all at the same time. You can see why you would need a straw, but if you are in a nice restaurant and out on a first date I wouldn’t bother trying this one.

An old wives remedy that I do not recommend goes like this. Take a mouthful of water but don’t swallow it. Now plug your ears with your fingers, tilt your head back and then swallow the water. If you survive your should find that your hiccups have gone. Just try holding your breath, it’s safer and more effective.

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