Are you Tired of Looking for Honest Old Home Remedies?

Well you can relax now because you have just found reliable old home remedies that you can trust. My name is Harry and I’m an experienced herbalist with a lifetimes experience. I come form a family where herbs and natural cures were commonplace and a knowledge of herbs and their benefits was the norm.

I have spent several years travelling through the Middle East and most of Europe gathering herbal remedies and knowledge along the way. The online herbal remedies advice you will find here has been carefully compiled after much detailed knowledge and following generations of experience.

Today it has become commonplace for family doctors to recommend that you try natural remedies before you resort to mainstream medication.

Old Home Remedies

This is especially true in regards to high cholesterol, blood pressure problems as well as issues to do with weight loss or our mental well-being, to mention just a few examples.

Natural remedies can be the most beneficial cure for many common conditions.

These home health remedies often succeed where conventional medicines have failed.

As people become more aware of the damage that antibiotics can cause to our immune system it makes sense to look at the natural options.

The Benefits of Herbs and Natural Remedies:

  • They have less harmful side effects
  • They are easier to obtain
  • They tend to be less habit forming
  • Natural remedies often focus on building up our immune system.

Herbal and natural remedies tend to be used by people who are more health aware and well informed.

Old home remedies and natural herbs have benefitted a multitude of people over many many centuries. Indeed most of the remedies you will find on these pages were first used thousands of years ago and are as relevant today as they ever were.

I have made a special effort to deliver the information that you want and leave out the 'bumph' you don't have time to wade through. This is my Cut-to-the-chase policy. After a short intro paragraph I have listed all the remedies which is what I believe you came to this site to see. If it’s not please do let me know through the Contact Us form

Old Home Remedies

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Old Home Remedies

So Why Should You choose a Natural Remedy?

There will always be sceptics out there who think that herbal remedies, or natural remedies are wacky.

But the truth is that mankind has used herbs to treat illnesses since time began. And those herbs kept every single ancestor of those sceptics alive. If just one of them had died before they got a chance to reproduce that sceptic would never have been born.

So maybe there is something to the old world treatments after all...

So Are Herbal Remedies safe?

Just because a treatment is natural does not in itself necessarily mean that it is totally safe. Almost any product if taken in high enough doses will be harmful and herbs and vitamins are no exception to this rule.

Some herbs as well as some natural remedies may not react well with conventional medication. You should have a chat with you doctor before embarking on any herbal or natural treatment.

However in general natural remedies have far fewer side effects than conventional medicines. They tend not to be habit forming and they often work by strengthening our immune systems which has enormously beneficial side effects.